Writing Poems

I have been writing poems for a long time. Writing has ever been a way of expressing myself and it is probably the most natural way for me to find expression even closer to me than photography is. Saying that at the same time I have to concede that for many years I could not write poems. It was blocked, it wasn't possible, I could not write. Apparently this has changed now and  writing poems has again become a way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. And it is fun. It gives me joy.

Nothing can be rated higher than letting this stream of thoughts flow. A poem is not work. It writes itself. It is as if the poem leads my hand to the keys and makes them write what it wants to be written. It just comes and flows and there it is. I am sometimes surprised myself bout the result.

To give you an idea of how this "technique" works I am adding a link to some words of Charles Bukowski (just click on the bold letters). He is bloody right!

Take a look at the poems here on my website. I will successively add more of them to the poems page.