death is

the last word. 
the last move. 
the last moment.

before we have the chance to know each other. 
to learn about each other. 
to try to understand. 
yes, try to understand. 

how peculiar we are. 
where we come from. 
far away places. 
far away existence. 
guests. hosts. inhabitants. 
of more than one world. 
travelers in transition. 

we want to touch. 
and to be touched. 
we want to dream. 
live through days to be dreamt away. 
or maybe seize the days. 

the wind blows through our lives. 
raises the dust of memories of future past. 
lived life. 
missed life. 
the touch of a moment. 
a person. 
lives crossing each others’ paths. 

and the chance to be taught. 
maybe to understand. 
or to stay distant. 
holding out hands.

the wind blowing through our minds. 
erasing time. 
erasing desire. 
the wind. 
the wind....


we killed more
innocent people
by turning on
the light
than Jesus
could ever have


burning sacrifice

packed world
body material
to use
ad libitum
thrown in
at no expense
you and I


down into the night

we are riding
low into the belly
of the night
where the feelings
are raw
where you and I
don’t meet friends
nor acquaintances
where the heat
makes you freeze
where you find

we go down
in a rush
into the cold blooded
where the dreamers
are ghosts
that are waiting
for you
and for me